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PKR. 45,000

QUAD UNIT          :8'-0"W x 4'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 45,000

QUAD CUBICAL   :8'-0"W x 8'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 70,000 

TWIN LINEAR       :8'-0"W x 2'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 29,000

TWIN OPPOSITE  :4'-0"W x 4'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 25,000

SINGLE UNIT        :4'-0"W x 2'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 16,500


High Quality MDF Melamine in Matt finish Dura lime Laminate
Imported PVC edges
Imported Gliders
High quality Hardware and fixtures
Front Partition H15'' with Durafab fabric