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PKR. 130,000

QUAD UNIT         :8'-0"W x 4'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 130,000 With Fix Drawers 

TWIN LINEAR      :8'-0"W x 2'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 77,000  With Fix Drawers 

TWIN OPPOSITE :4'-0"W x 4'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 65,000  With Fix Drawers 

SINGLE UNIT       :4'-0"W x 2'-0"D x 3'-6"H = PKR 38,500  With Fix Drawers 


High Quality MDF Melamine in Matt finish Dura lime Laminate
Imported PVC edges
Imported Gliders
High quality Hardware and fixtures
Front Partition H15'' with Durafab fabric